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JRNI Certified Life Coach 
ICF Accredited

I love to experience life in the moment. I am an avid traveler with a bit of a gypsy soul. Life for me is about discovery and learning something different every day. I believe we should live our true lives through our own vividly colored paths. I have been through traumatic experiences and survived some extremely difficult phases of life, and I know that life does not always tie up with that “perfect red bow.” Self-love, self-awareness, and boundary setting have been key lessons for me. Continual self-discovery is my mantra, as I believe that I am forever a work in progress.

I am a mom of four (Ages 11,9,7 and 4 months) that gives myself a whole lot of daily grace as I balance life's constant demands. Navigating a new blended family has been a tough, scary and beautiful road and I am grateful for every moment and lesson along the way. 

I have spent years teaching college courses and working in schools in different capacities and through it all my soul's passion is helping others to work through life's challenges and move forward into living their most authentic life.

JRNI Certified Life Coach
ICF Accredited
YTT200 Certified Yoga Instructor
LV Virtual Entrepreneur

I am a new Air Force wife navigating a long distance marriage as I split time between Arkansas and Arizona. I am a proud Autism mom to my son, who is the most creative little human I know. We are on a challenging journey of figuring out how to be a blended family - while living apart for the next 3 years. For the past 7 years, I have worked hard to build a successful virtual business and mentored other entrepreneurs across the country on how mindset and achieving goals work in harmony together. I have found in my years of researching and practicing self betterment, that our mindset determines the trajectory of our lives. We have the power to empower ourselves, and its my personal mission to help others discover and activate their power within.

If we met in Real Life you would know that... I live for that first sip of coffee in the morning. Travel is my love language. I have never met a bowl of cheese-dip I didn't like. And I've tried A LOT of bowls! If a Salt-N-Pepa beat drops I am the first on the dance floor.

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