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The Power of One

The POWER of ONE. When our minds and bodies are overwhelmed, overloaded, and paralyzed in fear or uncertainty it feels daunting and sometimes impossible to be productive, set goals, or just make it through the long days of this pandemic.

I have been sitting in loss and sadness (grieving my pre-virus life) over not being able to see my husband the past 8 weeks and not knowing when I can again. Being a military family adds a whole other layer of hard onto this new unknown out-of-control season. Unsure how to pay all the bills, and keep up with Logan’s virtual learning at the same time. The heaviness is exhausting most days. I feel panicked, anxious, and paralyzed a lot of days. I usually have an optimistic mindset, but can’t seem to find that right now. I don’t even know where to begin to start The Work on digging out of this hole.

Then, I remember the Power of ONE. This is a strategy I have used over and over during the darkest days of my separation and divorce. One small positive thought or gratitude can be a catalyst to begin the rewiring of your brain in a physical way. Repetitive positive thoughts and actions over time create new neural pathways and strengthen your brain areas that stimulate positive feelings. So when a hard situation arises, you are better equipped to navigate through and bounce back quicker once you have created positive habit stacking as a practice in your life. Hey there, Neuroplasticity!

To begin to take action, I tell myself just one text or positive thought feels doable and not so overwhelming. What I have found is that when you think of one, your brain is more open and receptive to thinking of more grateful thoughts immediately, and often two or three more will spout up!

Today, I commit to take the Next Right Steps forward for me, and that begins with self compassion and recognizing my feelings that arise and calling them by name. Not shoving them down and dismissing them. I have to sit with them to calm down a little bit. I will find 1 silver lining today and focus on that. I will write down 1 thankful I can feel today. I will commit to 1 helpful deed or send 1 text of love and encouragement to a dear friend. I know I can’t control anything other than my own actions, and focusing the energy I DO have on taking the next right step with the power of one.

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